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    2018 MT07 windscreen

    Puig light smoke screen. I've sold the bike so this is available at a reasonable price.
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    Looking for a Topbox mount...

    The Givi version, that I fitted to mine, also needs slots cut in the panels. It's not too tricky, and they provide a template. The slots are underneath, so not really visible if you eventually take the arms off.
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    Headlight bulb

    Try - I'm pretty sure they do brighter bulbs for bikes.
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    Rust on swingarm underneath chain guide

    Try squirting plenty of ACF50 into the gap. That will inhibit the corrosion and also act as a lubricant to prevent rubbing. Alternatively, get hold of some clear self-adhesive plastic (the sort of thing that's sold to prevent bungees etc. scuffing paintwork) and insert that into the gap. But...
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    Black Widow Exhausts - a cautionary tale!

    I had an issue with an exhaust I got for my Thundercat some years ago, when they were Sandy Bike Spares. The downpipes and silencer were fine, but the connecting adaptor pipe was way off, and they swore blind it was the correct one. In the end I got them to supply one for a Fazer 600, which...
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    Has anyone got bored of their MT07?

    I don't look at the tank when I'm riding, but anyway, I've got a tank bag on top of mine, so I couldn't see it anyway!
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    Has anyone got bored of their MT07?

    It's just what you'd expect - 50% more cylinders and 50% more grunt! It also fits me better - I'm 6ft, or at least I was, though I think I've shrunk with age ;). I do have a problem wangling it into the shed, now I've fitted Givi handguards. I plan to fit narrower bars from a MT-03, but it's...
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    Has anyone got bored of their MT07?

    It's not the bike that's boring - it's the roads you ride and the way you ride them. And I don't mean by that you have to attack every corner like a nutter - concentrate on keeping it smooth, getting your lines spot on and avoiding nasty surprises, it gives immense satisfaction. Once you've...
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    Front wheel removal

    An Abba stand is your best option.
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    Time for a change

    I've recently acquired a new Ninja 650, which also has a very light slipper-type clutch, and weight-wise is comparable to the MT-09. The naked one is even lighter, of course. If you don't need the extra power, it could be worth considering. And at the moment they are on £99 down and 3-years...
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    Fuel pump noise on startup

    I too normally stop the engine with the key. But sometimes when I'm parking on a hill I'll leave it in 1st and put the sidestand down - that way I can keep both hands on the bars (and use the front brake), and I don't have to re-find 1st afterwards to stop the bike rolling away. Next time I do...
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    Fuel pump noise on startup

    I'd guess if the bike started fine, then the fuel pump must be working OK. Out of interest, do you habitually stop the engine with the ignition key or the kill switch (or even the sidestand with the bike in gear)? And had you done anything different the last time? It's just possible the...
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    Bike Stolen!

    Have a look on the MT-09 forum (a sister one to this) to get some honest opinions on it.
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    Bike Stolen!

    Oh, that really sucks. Sorry to hear this. Just for everyone's information, what security did you have? Also, what part of London, as I suspect some areas are significantly worse than others. I've recently bought a 650 Ninja as a runabout. Way back (well, 3+ years ago), when I bought my...