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    Free Editing Software

    Hi Eddie, i'd be interested if anyone has a solution i asked the same question a while ago on a diff site but got no results... Ian
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    Cleaning help... Big time

    Hi, I agree with previous comments for wheels oil based spray like wd40 on a rag works superbly. For chains without a doubt the cheapest and by far the best solution is Kerosene to clean the chain with one of those u shaped brushes from amazon they're only cheap. Once clean to relube the...
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    mt07abs owners: comment the quality of the abs system

    The MT07 ABS is superb and to be honest its a safe guard to get you out of the unexpected. To be honest if you are riding how your meant to you should never actually feel the abs activate as it shouldn't be needed. Its hardly ever come into play on mine unless i have deliberately doing...
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    I got well into it watched the lot, the only series i wasn't too enthralled with was the one when they go to Ireland but once back in the USA its superb again... Watch until the end you wont be dissapointed.. Ham
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    My Bike (Very Quick Video)

    Hi nobull, No it sounds decent enough without giving me and the neighbours a headache. Its a really nice sound with the DB left in. My neighbours would crucify me if i took it out also all it does is give a nice audible warning for the local police that i'm coming round the corner i can do...
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    My Bike (Very Quick Video)

    Cheers Eddie...
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    My Bike (Very Quick Video)

    Just a quick video to show my MT07 and some of the extra's i have added.. Let me know what you think... I love my MT07... Fantastic Bikes... Ian
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    Bolt-on mirror alternatives?

    I went for the extenders too surprising they are only a xouple of inches but it makes a massive difference. Ian
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    MT-07 shortage and LCD display color

    My local dealer reckons Septembet/October before any more are available.... Popular bikes...along with the MT09 Tracer thats the same problem none around ... Ham
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    new mt 07 abs owner

    Welcome, i have the white MT07 with abs, got mine on New Years Eve and still love it, its an awesome bike... Put loads of extra's on mine Akra Titanium, Evotech rad guard, R&G Tailtidy, wheel rim stickers, Yamaha LED blinkers, R&G front rear and central bobbins, i use the rear ones for my...
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    1st Chain Re-Lube Today

    Cheers for the link i'll take a look. Ham
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    1st Chain Re-Lube Today

    I had it done on its 600 mile service, and i have now hit 1500 miles or just under, chain was starting to look a tad mucky so went for it. Quite high mileage without a re-lube but to be fair the bike i sonly ridden in the dry so was well lubed and didn't really need it before. Have to say its...
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    Removing the akrapovic DB-killer

    Hi Shouldn't it be the other end of the 2x pipes you should be drilling? (angled end). Others i have seen have drilled that end for it to make a difference. Ian
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    Hello from Japan

    Welcome to the forum, you'll love the MT07 superb fun bike.... Have Fun Ham
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    Sorry Guys - I've defected the MT09

    Such a shame, Sadly it also now means your on the wrong forum too ;) Love the 07 although the new Tracer is quite tempting. Ham