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    2018 MT07 windscreen

    Love my Puig I have the Puig Touring New Generation windscreen on my 2018 07. It works great. Install was super easy too. (sorry, new here so not sure why the photos got rotated, they aren't that way on my computer of my phone)
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    Is it good for novice riders? Any short riders here?

    Hey, you should have no problems at all with the 18 MT 07. I'm 5' 3" with an inseam around 28" and weigh in around 175 lbs. If i shift a little to one side or the other i can get one foot flat when i come to a stop. I can get the balls of both my feet on the ground in regular shoes, but just the...
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    Help removing 2018 tank plastics

    I haven't removed the colored panels, but I did remove the black air scoop portion from my left side a few weeks ago to install a USB charger cord. That was pretty straight forward. I'm going from memory here so hopefully not giving out bad information, but i think there are 3 screws to take out...