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    Time for a change

    They have actually changed the ER6 to a Z650 now in line with the new Z range.
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    Time for a change

    After having my MT07 stolen, I've decided to upgrade to a Kawasaki Z900. It has a slipper clutch. It's so much easier to use than the MT07 clutch. Maybe that would work for you?
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    Bike Stolen!

    Can I post my registration on this forum in case someone spots my bike?
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    Bike Stolen!

    I live in NW London and I had an Oxford Boss disc lock on. I've just finished building work in the front of my house so hadn't got round to putting in a ground anchor yet. I know that was a bit stupid, but I also had a cover on. Really gutted. I bought it new and put a bit of money in it for...
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    Bike Stolen!

    So I came out my house on Sunday morning to find that my bike had been nicked during the night from my driveway! I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised living in London... So the question is, what do I buy now?
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    ok... ok...

    Some of us ride all though the winter. Although my fingers are suffering!
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    Bye-Bye MT07

    I think that's the common problem. Looks vs practicality...
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    Bye-Bye MT07

    I have also been thinking what i would upgrade to if and when the time comes. 99% of my riding is central London commuting. So far my option are MT09, Kawasaki Z800 or Triumph Triple. But for the moment the MT07 is doing it's job. It's brilliant at filtering.
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    How about the XSR900..?
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    fz-07 accessories

    That looks really interesting! I take pillion passengers quite often and they always complain that they slide forward whenever i brake. Are they positioned in a way that it's easy to hold on to? I think I'll be buying them!
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    I just bought a brand new 2016 mt-07!!!

    Have a look at this clip:
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    I just bought a brand new 2016 mt-07!!!

    You might want to think about getting a screen then. Above 70mph, it starts to feel uncomfortable and above 80 you really have to hold on tight!
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    I don't agree, I think the MT09 Tracer looks a lot better than the NC750. It has more character and is not so bland.
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    Fuel consumption

    I have never managed more than 130/135 miles with in town riding.
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    akrapovic exhaust & Nitron Shock

    Does the Akra still have the baffle in?