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  1. Scim77

    MT-07 chainguard 1WS-F2311-00-00

    I have put a very nice used chainguard on Ebay. It is a genuine Yamaha accessory, part no 1WS-F2311-00-00. As you know, Yam charge £94 for this item. I am looking for around £30, which also includes UK postage.
  2. Scim77

    Selling high spec MT-07

    I have decided to change. I now need something with a lighter clutch and slightly more comfort. So my stunning MT-07 is for sale. My icon shows the bike and there have been lots of posts by the previous owner (GAZ2212) including lots of photos. The bike is fundamentally the same, with a few...
  3. Scim77

    Seton Tuning

    My MT-07 has Akro exhaust with shortened baffle plus DNA air filter and top plate (Yamaha snorkel filter top discarded). Like many other forum members, I have followed the reasoning and progress of ECU re-mapping, in the search for smoother on/off throttle response, less severe over-run engine...
  4. Scim77


    I have just checked the wheel alignment on my bike and discovered that it was slightly wrong. I hasten to point out that, since buying it from Gaz2212, this is the first and only thing thing that I have found to be (slightly) wrong. Fortunately, GAZ had fitted Gilles swing arm chain tensioners...
  5. Scim77

    Ebay - chainguard for sale

    There is a genuine Yamaha Accessory upgrade chain-guard on Ebay Check this link:- MT-07 Chain-guard | eBay
  6. Scim77

    Gilles billet footrests on Ebay

    If you fancy a pair of Gilles footrests, check out this Ebay link:- Gilles Foot-rests adjustable for MT-07 | eBay
  7. Scim77

    Chain guard rivets ?

    Looking at the Yamaha Parts catalogue, the chain guard seems to be retained by two screws and two rivets. Are these rivets re-useable or do they need drilling out and replacing?
  8. Scim77

    Tyre Sizes

    I agreed with the sentiments expressed by "Gregjet" on 03/04/2015. I have always felt that Yamaha have opted for style over function with the big fat tyres fitted to the MT-07. I think the bike would feel much more nimble if narrowed tyres were fitted. Even on the original rims, it might be...
  9. Scim77

    Masters of Torque

    Does anyone know if the MT-07 is a desaxe design, like the MT-09? Most car and bike engines use desaxe to some degree, to improve torque and reduce internal stresses and friction. I have not found any Yamaha reference to it being used in the MT-07, although studying the workshop manual...
  10. Scim77

    New Member in Sussex

    Hi Group. Three weeks ago I bought an MT-07 from another forum member, GAZ2212. It has been extensively and thoughtfully modified, regardless of cost and I am now benefitting from the experience and competence of Gary, the previous owner. You are probably aware of this bike, since Gary has...
  11. Scim77

    Security chains & padlocks

    If you have not already seen this YouTube video, please check it out. It shows how different brands of security chain withstand attacks by big bolt croppers. I fancied a chain and ground anchor for inside my garage (belt and braces, or what?!! ). Based on a few hours internet trawling, finally...