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    Bike Stolen!

    So I came out my house on Sunday morning to find that my bike had been nicked during the night from my driveway! I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised living in London... So the question is, what do I buy now?
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    Recommendations for Phone Holder

    I would like to install a holder for my phone (not a Tomtom). It's a Samsung S6 Edge, not an iPhone, so I can't use Yamaha's holder. I am not looking for anything complicated or expensive but it needs to be decent quality and come with the relevant wiring. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks in...
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    What is the best method of transporting a spare helmet

    Can anyone advise the best way of carrying round a spare helmet? I will sometimes take one of my kids on the back of my bike but then take their helmet back home with me. I do this by putting my arm through the helmet. But I don't feel safe as I dread to think what it would do to my arm if I had...
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    Movement in Handlebars

    I realized recently that when sitting on my bike, if I grip the handlebars and push and pull them backwards and forwards there is a bit of movement in them, as if they are not fixed tightly to the forks. The movement is at the point where they are covered in rubber - see my picture below. Is...
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    Very jerky on acceleration and deacceleration

    I have a problem with my bike being very jerky. I'm not sure if it's me or the bike! The main jerkiness occurs when i twist the throttle from the starting point or if i release the throttle completely, however softly i go on it. It's ok if i increase or decrease the acceleration as long as i...
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    Mud and Muck everywhere. Rear Wheel Hugger?

    I have been riding my new MT 07 for only 1 week and it already looks like I have been doing off-road cross country riding! It's filthy from where the rain has come off the back tyre. It's even sprayed up my back on to my helmet! Although, I admit that I did put on a tail tidy. Will a rear wheel...