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    Ohlins and Andreani cartrige set installed

    Hi guys, So after owning this bike for 2 years I decided it's time for an upgrade and changed the shock and the fork cartridges. After some research this is what I went with: I'll...
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    99 octane?

    Recently in Denmark Shell offered 99 octane for the same price as 95 (a limited time only kind of deal). My Yamaha dealer told me that the engine would ''run cleaner'' if a higher octane is used. Found some threads online but opinions seem to be divided. What do you guys think?
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    SW MOTECH engine guard

    Does anyone have one of these? Personally I really like the look ... made of aluminium and seems to offer pretty decent protection. Any thoughts? Premium Front Spoiler by SW-MOTECH. Out of aluminium. For Yamaha MT-07.
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    Akrapovic post fitting question

    I've just had my Akra titanium installed. I'm not an expert but where the pipes go into the engine there is a small space seen by the difference in color on the pipes. Are the pipes fitted correctly or should they have been pushed a bit more in up to the small rim that goes around them? The...
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    BLACK FRIDAY accessories for your MT 07

    Hi everybody, Since Black Friday is next week I think it would be a good idea if fellow riders could tip in with thoughts and especially links to different products one might like to have (and get really cheap with this occasion) for next spring. It's usually big companies that have big...
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    Hello from Denmark

    Greetings from Copenhagen :) Picking up my new MT-07 (in red) hopefully on Wednesday (been waiting for over a month). Will post picks as soon as I can.