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  1. wirld

    Gear indicator not showing 1st.

    Hey Guys, Anybody else had this: on my ride home yesterday I noticed while stopped at a set of lights that the gear indicator was blank....thinking I was between gears, I let the clutch out a rolled forward - I was clearly in first, but the indicator was blank. Changed it up to...
  2. wirld

    DIY Saddlebag support

    Hi All, I'm the least engineering minded person in the world - my ambition exceeds my ability a thousand-fold, but I managed to rig up a DIY saddlebag support this afternoon to support my Givi Saddlebags - paying $180 for Yamaha branded supports left me cold! The best bit is that I can put it on...
  3. wirld

    Yamaha saddlebag supports

    Hi All, Does anyone perhaps have a set of the Yamaha saddlebag supports that they could possibly measure for me? I'm interested in the length of the support pole once it's attached to the bike - I cheaped out and bought Givi saddlebags instead of Yamaha ones, and I'm wondering whether the...
  4. wirld

    Alternate foot positions?

    Ok, don't laugh...I'm wondering whether anyone has ever put highway pegs or (something similar which provides a 'foot forward' seating position) on a sportbike? I've googled it not seen much, but I figure there must be other folks with my particular issue: I've been doing a little touring on...
  5. wirld

    Front brake caliper binding?

    Hi All, Looking for some advice from the mechanically minded, please... In October I decided to upgrade my brake pads - installed a set of Ferodo sintered. I really liked them, I felt the initial bite was better and had better feedback from the front of the bike. In November my bike went for...
  6. wirld

    Fitting a Shad SH40 to the MT-07

    Hi All, For those who are interested... I wasn't wild about fitting the large MT-07 racks available from Yamaha, Ventura, SW-motech etc...I didn't really like the look of the bike with the top case fitted so far back...nor did I like the look of it when the top case was removed. But I wanted a...