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    Headlight bulb

    I will eventually find a suitable led upgrade for this headlight bulb however in the meantime i fitted from Halfords Bosch 472 H4 Gigalight Plus 120. Seems a lot brighter and a bit whiter. Will do for now.
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    Rust on swingarm underneath chain guide

    So a quick update. Had the swing arm replaced under warranty. The replacement is exactly the same as the old one in that there is no protection in that area to prevent it happening. Bizarrely whilst in the dealer i checked out the 2018 model which looks like it has exactly the same swing arm but...
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    Rust on swingarm underneath chain guide

    Not a bad idea regards the film, will definitely be looking into something of that order. Cheers ;)
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    Rust on swingarm underneath chain guide

    So only had my bike now for about 3 months, bought it as a shop demonstrator, a 2017 model with approx 350 miles on it. Got approx 2500 miles on it now so been doing well. Have been riding it all weathers to commute to work so it has seen plenty of rain action however i am meticulous with the...
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    So I've bought an MT07

    How'd ya get on with the MOD1? Brave man buying it beforehand. Regardless even if you have to redo it i'm sure you'll be enjoying it eventually. One question where are the bloody indicators on this bike as if they've been removed that's not going to make it easy for you on the road ?
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    MT 07 to be first bike

    Just bought a MT07 as my first proper bike. Been using a BWS125 for about 6 month for the commute to work as the traffic where i live can be shocking, so the ped re-ignited my desire to get my full licence and i'm 44 so i thought if i don't do it now i never will. Did my training in november...
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    Post a picture of your MT-07

    Here's mine, had it 4 days. Rained everyone of them! :mad:
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    Post a picture of your MT-07

    Any advice with respect to the legality of the integrated tail light, ever had any issues with the Garda?