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    New member help 2016 mt07 none runner

    Yep needed abs module shes running now . But my oil pressure warning light is on at idiol ..anyone know what oil pressure these engines show on idiol .really dont wont to strip the motor
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    Mt07 wont start 2016

    2016 mt07 Cranksover good spark 3bar fuel prime injecting fuel Good compression Checked timing Will only start if I put some fuel threw throttle bodies . Yet not when injecting fuel Anyone has this issuise ???
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    Diagnostic tool 9089003182

    I'd be going fuel pressure first
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    New member help 2016 mt07 none runner

    Bought a light damaged mt07 but wont start . 3 keys Cranks over . New fuel and fuel pump primes And has spark . Neutral light shows on cluster but a line on cluster not a (N) has a (_) shows gears as u go down /up 123456. Cranking rpm showing If I put a bit of fuel in carbs its fires and dies...