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    where to start, mines a 2014 purchased when launched so this has had 5-6 years of tinkering. Akrapovic full exhaust DNA Stage 1 Filter Seton Tuning Dyno Remap (for stage 1) Bucket Headlight Assembly with LED headlight for cornering (JW speaker 8790 + motodemic brackets and bucket) Ohlins SR41...
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    led bulb upgrade damaging chrome headlight??

    It does look like rust from the picture, I fitted an LED headlight bulb and had all sorts of issues trying to get the rubber boot to fit properly over the body of the bulb. what is the light projection like? the LED bulb I fitted was awful, I ended up swapping out the entire headlight assembly...
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    New brake lever - Adjusting brake light switch

    If it is the same design as the 2014 then the front brake switch is fixed and so there is no adjustment available. I guess in lieu of new levers a couple of options are: 1) buy aluminium alloy welding rod from ebay, and using a *small* gas torch build to build up the surface of the lever...
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    I need help to identify parts - please

    I've attached the MT-07 parts list - good luck!
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    ECU Tuning Advice.

    Jerome, I used Seton Tuning, Ballast Quay works, Colchester CO5 7DB, 01206 866400, they build and race Yamaha's and have a long history with them. Seton Tuning has a dyno and have developed a MT-07 map, it was £260 for dyno remap (Phil Seton even let me get stuck in and help) which consists...
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    Diagnostic tool 9089003182

    ordered one last week for collection from local dealer it turned up and it has the wrong connector on it the lead has 3 pin triangular and not 4 pin square. I have a 2014 ABS and purchased a code reader off ebay for £30 which claimed to work on later versions, it doesn't work on 2014 version...
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    Yamaha Seat Cover (1WS-247F0-00-00) - Cracking

    well Yamabits are a deadlosss customer service for this issue was worse than useless, basically response was your fault or must have been vandalism claim it off your insurer. They apparently consulted Yamaha with my pictures before writing back to me, when I protested the plastic at the failure...
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    ABS Warning light

    I can't recall if the light flashes if the abs kicks in, but if it doesn't check the wire and the connections and the sensor mounting bolts, the sensors work using magnetic pulse not light its unlikely a bit of dirt would cause an issue but a loose sensor bolt could as the tolerances between...
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    Yamaha Seat Cover (1WS-247F0-00-00) - Cracking

    No chance, both sides cracked, no impact damage so looks like the plastic moulding is too thin around a couple of the screw fixings. I've emailed yamabits. so will see what they will do about it.
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    Yamaha Seat Cover (1WS-247F0-00-00) - Cracking

    I bought this from Yamabits in June this year. It's already started to crack. Don't waste your money on it chaps (and girls) looks good but seems a bit flimsy. Any one else experienced this issue? What causes it? I've never carried a pillion so I know it's not because anyone has sat on...
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    Test ride-a-thon

    what about an Aprilia Tuono V4 1100RR? It's supposed to be in the same league as the S1000R? They are re-vamping the triples soon so they might be a good second hand investment but get one new and the arse is going to fall out the value of it in the next year or so. They will be overshadowed by...
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    Cracked engine - leaking oil

    Steel bolt vs alloy casting? My money is on the steel bolt all day long. The casting will fracture long before the steel bolt failed.
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    motogadet m-stop brake light modificiation

    Well having been seduced by the thought of adaptive brake lights and having checked out a few youtube videos on the topic, I have decided it could make a difference and is worth a try, here is my how too for anyone minded to do the same (p.s. no not legal in the UK...... yet) you will need all...
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    MODS - an insurance warning, you will be shocked!

    The T&C's on my insurance are ANY modification doesn't matter if it has an effect on the performance or not, as sdrio points out the agreement is one of "utmost good faith" which means the applicant is under a fundamental duty to disclose all material facts and surrounding circumstances that...
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    Rear Hugger Extender

    I got it from ebay as the first order placed with pyramid was refunded due to out of stock, from Pyramid direct it was £35 from ebay around £32 including postage. I like the plastic is very slightly different in finish but not offensively so. Donut - I live in the fens, I think our council...
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    Rear Hugger Extender

    here you go, there is a small white pyramid logo on the other side
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    Tail tídy broken

    looks like mechanical failure to me? I can't see any signs of corrosion along the failure point, in fact looks like the plate holder has "torn" away in the close up when you look at the edges of the plate holder? the tail tidy mounting bracket is certainty suffering the same white spot syndrome...
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    Rear Hugger Extender

    As I ever I think success is in the preparation when using adhesives/sealants, very rarely will the adhesive fail, it will be the bonding surfaces or their lack of prep. My tips would be to take it off the bike, prep the huggers gluing surfaces by lightly sanding, then use denaturised alcohol...
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    3 weeks qualiified and loving it..any riding tips for the novice?

    Get yourself a copy of the police motorcycle handbook about £12 from eBay or amazon. Its a useful book for all skill levels, I found the chapters on road positioning and hazard awareness really very useful, and when you put it into practise and you find it makes a difference you'll be picking...
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    Normal or High Octane?

    I would have to agree with EddieH93, I think there is a difference using super unleaded, my head and science tells me there shouldn't be any difference, but personally I think it pulls better and the engine is more responsive. Maybe it's the placebo effect?!