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  1. emmett

    Post a picture of your MT-07

    Here's mine. I bought it in 2018. It's a 2015. Full Yoshi, LED's, carbon fiber fenders and chain guard, tail tidy, sliders, mirror, Denali sound bomb horn, radiator cover, etc
  2. emmett

    New Member from Seattle

    What's up there Kenny? I'm new, too. From NY. I'm just an old geezer that sold his Hogly so I could ride a smaller, lighter bike. Had no idea that it would also turn out to be a much more fun ride, too. Cheaper on gas, easier to bull around the garage and bang around town with, faster and much...
  3. emmett

    MT-07 ALL Exhausts Comparison Video

    I've seen every video out there. I use the Yoshimura R77 in Stainless Steel full exhaust. No Db killer. Looks real good and sounds like a Ducati Monster, or so I've been told. I've even had people tell me it sounds like a small V-8. Retails for ~$850 and not too hard an installation. Might as...
  4. emmett

    How I got rid of (most) shifting roughness

    I'd invest in a new set of levers. The stocks suck and replacements don't have to cost a fortune, if you look round. Also, not sure what type of oil you're using, but when I switched to Mobile 1 motorcycle oil, it made a huge difference, both in my Harley and FZ07.
  5. emmett


    I don't know about your dealer, but mine gets $25 per plug (I pay $7 per plug) and dealers usually get $100+ per hour. It's not that hard, just time consuming. Again, just check out you tube
  6. emmett


    You have to use a thin wall deep socket. Plenty of youtube videos. Check out Jake the Garden Snake. He's a certified mechanic and breaks it all down in good quality tutorials on youtube. Not hard, but kind of a pain in the ass. Too bad they don't make irridium plugs for the FZ07, then you'd...
  7. emmett

    ECU Tuning Advice.

    Jerome, go to youtube and type in 'Jake the Garden Snake'. He's got tons of 'bolt shit on series' that explain many mods and bolt ons. One of them is the FT mapping kit. You add it to your ECM and then plug you laptop into it. You can then change the temp your fan kicks on, adjust your engine...
  8. emmett

    Big 'howdy'

    Hey fellow rider. Just signed up. i know what you might be thinking...'what's an old fart like you doing on a FZ07?' Well...I've been riding since '75 and had a few bike in my time. My last was a 2011 Hogly (Heritage Classic). I got tired, or weaker, and found it to be way too heavy for my old...