1. W

    New MT-07 Moto Cage owner on the loose...

    Hi Everyone, thought I would say a quick hello, coming from a lifelong supermoto rider I was surprised how easy the MT-07 is to ride but also has the speed to dart around all the traffic (I have a heavy traffic commute) and the Aprilia Dorsoduro was getting too big and heavy and I wanted to...
  2. sash

    Does MT 09 Handlebar fit ?

    Hey guys I find the handlebar to close to my chest when hanging off in corners and somehow wouldnt mind it a bit wider as well... Now, without too much mucking around (not keen to change the length of all the cables etc ) has anyone found a bar that is a bit more flat and wider, that just bolts...
  3. D

    Givi top box security

    Hi Picked up my new MT07 on Saturday, with Givi top box installed by dealer. However, looking at it, the Givi rack only appears to be bolted on in 4 places, all of which are exposed - so a thief with an Allen key and a spanner could have the whole box and rack off in minutes. Is this really...
  4. xt660isgood2

    Now your MT is around 2 years is she doing?

    I really feel a bit embarrassed asking this as I'm not a typical rider. Due to family issues and the mighty xt I've only covered around 2k since I've had her and only seen rain once "the day I picked her up" ffs Anyway, still love the bike and had no issues eg starts on the button and no...
  5. Ralph

    Been out today.

    Out for two or three hours today, only 3 days after the highest rain fall since records began, and in the UK that's a fair bit of damp, many small places still cut off power off road washed away and so on still blowing a half gale 50 mph this afternoon water flowing off the fields across the...
  6. ptmxtwo

    Yamaha's FZ-07 and the FZ6R

    I have been looking at a 2015 FZ- 07, I started wondering about it and my current FZ6R; how does the performance and handling compare... The FZ6R engine is only 600cc; but it is an inline 4 cylinder and it has a tuned-down version of Yamaha's race bike (R6) engine.. I like Yamaha's current...
  7. L

    Helllooooo, London Lady Biker here!

    Hey everyone, I've found myself on this forum a few times as a guest looking for tips/info, but finally got round to signing up! I picked up my Silver/Race Blue MT07 mid-March and am loving every minute spent with him (it's a boy). I'm fast approaching 4000 miles already which surprised me...
  8. V

    to 'motocage' or not?

    Hey folks, need a bit of an advice here. I'm on the market for my MT-07 as I pretty like the bike. Not sure if I really want to go with "Moto cage" as it seems a bit cheesy to me... Please let me know your thoughts Also, got my full A couple of weeks ago - is it worth considering MT-09 instead...
  9. craigieboy

    Puig Screen, filter & PlastiDip

    Been looking at screens for a while and found this Puig one but couldnt find any reviews on it or any pics of it fitted other than the stock image on the for sale page. Bit the bullet and ordered it anyway :p. I Previously had the Ermax sport Screen (The shorter one) but Didnt really like it...
  10. Eddieh93


    Ed Hare Intro Hi guys + gals, Been on here for a little while but haven't made a proper introduction yet. I am Ed as you can probably tell from a few of my posts, I am 21 and love motorbikes. Ridden bikes on the road since I left school but have ridden motocross with my friend and his dad for...
  11. jeppebm

    Fun n Games - wheeliepractice and more

    Hi guys - a bit of youtube action!
  12. spencer

    Fly screen

    Hi everyone Getting my new race blu due 10th jan fingers crossed :) and from the start its going to be doing a lot of motorway miles so was wondering if there was anyone out there that could advise me on a good fly screen to give me a bit of protection from the wind and elements. cheers
  13. Hobbsy

    Why an MT-07... 3 reasons please..!

    Ok, so I passed my Mod 2 yesterday and will now be seriously looking into changing my CBF125 for a bigger bike. I have a short list of 3. MT-07, er6n, Street Triple. The triple is I think out of my price range because I want to buy new and pay monthly and the repayments might be a bit steep. So...
  14. A

    Hey from Sydney Australia

    Hey guys, nice site. Picking up my MT-07 on friday and can not wait. Got the matt grey and also the akro exhaust. Unfortunately here in AUS they are restricted a bit but hopefully people will find ways around that. They were only released this week here so hopefully as more people pick them up...
  15. xt660isgood2

    e-cigs/vapes etc

    Been a dirty old tabber for too many years now. Had a suck on one the other day and was really shocked to how good it was. Ordered one "here next week" Anyone out there with any good news stories? It seemed a bit of a "minefield" out there so never really considered it, but matey stopped as soon...