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    Dead battery

    Hello guys, so I had my motorcycle standing out in the cold in my backyard (about-10/-12 celsius at night) for about 15 days (i was gone for vacation) and the battery just died. It doesnt start up, after 1 or 2 tries the battery has 0 charge. I havent contact my dealer yet, but I will tomorrow...
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    Well winter's here, first snow flakes falling today in Oslo. So I'll be clearing some space in the garage to store the MT up for winter. I have to admit with my last bike (SV650s) I just parked it in the garage over the winter and did nothing else. she started up perfectly first time when the...
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    Something is slipping as I pull away from a cold start.

    This is certainly take it to the dealer time, but wonder if anyone has ever had this difficult to describe problem. When I leave the bike for a while, then get on and pull away, if I'm anything but super gentle, something 'slips' in the drivetrain. It just does it once, and it only seems to do...