1. K

    Headlight bulb

    Hi All, Can someone please post a link to where I can order a headlight upgrade bulb please. I have no interest in messing with electrics. Just a plug and go hid/led bulb would be great, Thanks?
  2. K

    How to adjust headlight lamp tilt?

    as titled, i have found that my MT07 headlight lamp tilt is a little bit too high, causing nuisance to the drivers in front and opposite, but i dont know how to fix. any guys have a idea and could show me how? thanks
  3. M

    h4 led bulb

    hi guys i want to buy from ebay led buld for the headlight .any suggestions?
  4. SirLightyear

    Headlight assembly

    Hey guys, so I saw this headlight on a Duke 690 and did a poor picture editing job and here's how it would look like on my bike. I really like it but I can't find where I could buy one. Can someone help me?
  5. M

    Speed triple screen + headlights

    If there was one reason that would have kept me from buying the MT-07 it is the headlight assembly look. It is my personal opinion, and I know many of you won’t agree. When I decided to buy the MT-07, I already had a Speed Triple modification in mind. Has anyone tried this yet ? I bought the...
  6. craigieboy

    Headlight Upgrade: LED ?? HID ??

    As most of us know the headlight on the MT isn't the best so i've been on the hunt for an upgrade for a while. 1.At first i tried the Osram Nightbreaker Headlight bulb. There was maybe a tiny improvement but not much. Put up with this for a while but went searching for an alternative. 2. I...
  7. G

    parking light

    What exactly type of lamp is the parking bulb, in our headlight? Has anyone tried a bulb difeerent than the stock?
  8. jmkk


    Hi fellow 07 riders, anyone experienced with installing an HID-Projector on their bike? If so, post pictures please ;) Something like this:
  9. loneranger

    Headlight Safety - Motorway

    So I rode my bike last night n the M23. I found the headlight vision very poor indeed when riding in stretches with no motorway lighting. Didn't reach very far out and certainly had no illumination for any motorway signs. I had to slow down a bit as the cats eyes were not illuminating very...
  10. Gaz2212

    Hid Headlight

    Hi guys One member asked me for some images of hid headlight conversion beam pattern First image is just ignition on so side light on Second image is bike running so hid dipped beam Third image is hid high beam