1. B

    game over for mt-07

    sadly after 4 years very good return the mt-07 has been killed. had a driver stop dead in middle of roundabout leaving me no place to go but into them. even though it was a slow speed crash the head was damaged and forks bent so bike has been written off. bike had just over 8000 miles on it and...
  2. H

    Is it good for novice riders? Any short riders here?

    Hey, New member here. I'll get my license soon and the 2018 mt-07 is at the top of my bike list. I'm a very small rider as my height is about 167cm (5'5 1/2) with a 30inch inseam and i weigh around 64kg (141lbs). I can't really quite plant my foot flat on the ground on most big bikes. Do you...
  3. nibril

    MT-07 for sale

    Hi all I'm selling my beloved MT-07, sadly, as I don't have a garage to keep it in - it's currently in my front room. It looks pretty sweet there actually. MT-07 ABS 15 plate 8,000 miles White Bought new Great condition Well looked after - serviced it myself 1st MOT due in early May £4,500...
  4. J

    MT-07 for short riders?

    Hi guys, newbie here thanks for accepting me. I am currently on my learners licence here in the UK but hoping to pass my full test in the next couple months. I went to view an MT03 today as I love the look of them, their lightweight, low seat height and would be perfect for me. I’m 5 foot 3 on...
  5. Scim77

    MT-07 chainguard 1WS-F2311-00-00

    I have put a very nice used chainguard on Ebay. It is a genuine Yamaha accessory, part no 1WS-F2311-00-00. As you know, Yam charge £94 for this item. I am looking for around £30, which also includes UK postage.
  6. W

    MT-07 Throttle cable routing looks wrong - can you guys please confirm from picture?

    Hi Guys, I have just received my new MT-07 from the dealer but I have noticed that the throttle cable routing past the headstock seems to pinch the cables and I'm sure it should go through the loop (see picture) Can you guys please let me know before I go moaning to the dealer as at the...
  7. W

    New MT-07 Moto Cage owner on the loose...

    Hi Everyone, thought I would say a quick hello, coming from a lifelong supermoto rider I was surprised how easy the MT-07 is to ride but also has the speed to dart around all the traffic (I have a heavy traffic commute) and the Aprilia Dorsoduro was getting too big and heavy and I wanted to...
  8. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU, Akra Titanium Exhaust Dillema

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  9. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU dillema, Akra Titanium Exhaust

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  10. F

    MT-07 got the fun back into riding

    Hi! I guess introductions are quite boring, and this will be no different. A few days ago I bought a 2015 MT-07 with 4000 mi / 6600 km on the dial. It looks like brand new and is fitted with goodies like Arrows full system, DNA racing air filter, EJK tuner, R6 throttle, R&G rad and engine...
  11. F

    Front Tire Wear Out Quicker Than Rear one?

    Hi guys...recently I have one question that has been puzzling me for a while. My bike is MT-07. I have been riding it since early last June and the odometer shows I almost hit 7000km/4349miles. I only ride my MT-07 during the weekends and 90% of the routes were mountain roads. I consider myself...
  12. W

    I just bought a brand new 2016 mt-07!!!

    :D I put a deposit yesterday on a MT-07 2016 Matte Silver. I'm picking her up on Tuesday. I traded in my 2007 Kawasaki ER6F. It took me many months to decide to keep the ER6F or go for the MT-07? The ER6F was a great bike, the best I've ever had! But it's almost 10 years old now. I've never...
  13. S

    Waiting on delivery of my MT-07 with titAkra

    Ordered my MT-07 on Monday 1st Aug and was told Wed 10th it would be ready as they had to order the exhaust in. It's went in pretty quick so far to be fair but just hope it doesn't run past the 10th as I will be gutted :( Matte Grey
  14. S

    Will my MT-07 spit flames?

    Hi guys Just bought a brand new MT-07 with the full titanium Akra system on it, decat. Will my MT spit flames and pop and bang/burble etc?
  15. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 SC Project CR-T Flyby & Sound check
  16. M

    New MT-07 owner from Londinium

    Hi everyone. I'm a new MT-07 owner. Got mine two weeks ago today! Loving it! Last had a Suz. SV650 restricted, way back in 2001. Had a pretty bad accident that summer and have not been on a 'Big' bike since, had a few scooters though. Feels like I have just passed my test, a Noob all over again...
  17. R

    MT-07 superdry

    Hi all New rider from the Netherlands here. Just took delivery of my MT-07 a few days ago. Checking it out at home I noticed that almost all nuts and bolts have no grease whatsoever, up to the heavy bolts that hang the engine in the frame. I suppose this is normal but is it best for the bike? I...
  18. W

    Are parts expensive for the MT-07?

    Are parts expensive on the MT-07? Say the bike fell over? How much $ would it cost for the plastic piece on side on gas tank? I have a 2007 ER6F, and although OEM fairing pieces aren't cheap, they're still somewhat reasonable; and of course, there's all kinds of other parts on Ebay. I was...
  19. M

    New MT-07 owner from Japan

    Hey everyone, I rented the MT-07 a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with the bike. I went ahead and recently purchased a 2016 J-Spec MT-07 and now just playing the gut wrenching waiting game until it is delivered. I went with the matte silver scheme and added a few options such as...
  20. Cyrus

    Pozdrav from Croatia

    Hi... pozdrav means hello in croatian ;) Got my new 2016 race blu mt-07 7 days ago... Hope to learn some good stuff here cheers