1. K

    Headlight bulb

    Hi All, Can someone please post a link to where I can order a headlight upgrade bulb please. I have no interest in messing with electrics. Just a plug and go hid/led bulb would be great, Thanks?
  2. DJP

    Stalling & O2 Eliminators - A Possible Solution

    From time to time, I’ve experienced the much-reported stalling issue. My bike can go for months without it happening and then do it two or three times in a week. It mostly does it when I’m still moving. For example, I’ll be slowing down for traffic lights and as I pull in the clutch to stop, the...
  3. S

    Auxiliary Power Connector Plug

    Guys Do you know where to purchase the connector for the auxiliary 2A fused power supply in the UK? I understand that the connector just has a blanking plug fitted as standard. Many thanks
  4. N

    oil overfilled from new

    Picked up my MT07 today - torture obeying running in limits but glad I did - when I got home I checked oil level to find no bubble - had to lean bike about 10 degrees away from me before any air was visible! I ended up removing 150ml with a catheter & syringe (to avoid having to guess as oil ran...
  5. Nuggets

    EL Panel Install Modification

    I was recently asked by a forum member how I installed the red EL panels to my MT07 (pic below) This is what I did; I purchased the EL panel EL craft. Large EL Panel- 15cm X 40cm with 4 Connectors | EL Wire Craft I cut both sides from one panel, making sure each cut out has a connector...
  6. Nuggets

    Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug?

    Does anyone know if the oil sump plug is magnetic from the factory? I haven't been able to find details of the plug, it's size or an MT-07 specific aftermarket plug yet. My bike turns up in 47 days and this is for me the first modification to do before running in gets too far along.