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    Help removing 2018 tank plastics

    I watched a video for removing the plastics. Unfortunately it was on a 2015-2017 model. The 2018 seems to be a little different. Has anyone pulled the plastics on theirs that can help me. I am at 14k miles and want to change my plugs.
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    MT07 Indicator stayed on

    Today I was out for a ride, stopped off put the steering lock on so ignition was off. Went to walk away from bike and indicator was flashing, I must have left it on when I pulled off the road. However surely it shouldn't still,flash if the ignition isn't on? Or is this some feature I don't know...
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    Gearbox issue?

    Hello again.. I solve the stalling issue by programming the injectors to spray little more fuel.. Now to something new that i observed.. With the engine off, if i select the first gear and i have my clutch pulled in, the bike doesn't move.. Or it moves a little, with much efford to the legs...