1. M

    Help decoding VIN

    Hi! Looking into getting a used bike. Can you please recommend a VIN decoder site? Thanks!
  2. CVSensei


    I'm sure there's all sorts of recommendations to be found in the deep, dark depths of the forum but I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good GPS that's not going to bankrupt me and can be fitted by a complete novice.
  3. S

    Recommend me a Tail Tidy

    Can anyone recommend a decent tail tidy for the 07? A quick Google search brings up a few options and little information about each!
  4. sven11

    Suspension upgrade

    Hi guys, as I am on the heavy side and like to ride with my girl as well, I tend to bring the bike suspension to its limits. What suspension upgrades would you recommend? Is there a noticable difference? How about value for money? Thnx