1. 1

    Help removing 2018 tank plastics

    I watched a video for removing the plastics. Unfortunately it was on a 2015-2017 model. The 2018 seems to be a little different. Has anyone pulled the plastics on theirs that can help me. I am at 14k miles and want to change my plugs.
  2. A

    Removing baffle

    Bit of advise needed guys I've got a mivv oval carbon fitted with a dna filter I'm thinking of removing the baffle....will it be ok to just remove or will I need to have a remap on my ecu doing too.
  3. I

    Removing the throttle restrictor

    I've been looking around for how to remove the restrictions on the MT07, and to my understanding there should only be a throttle restriction on the EU versions? I dont really understand how to remove it. I believe its the bracket over the throttle pulley with the finger that goes down and...
  4. jeppebm

    Removing db-killers on IXIL HyperLow?

    Hi, searched the essential mods thread for some info or pictures. Does anyone have some info, pictures or videos of removing the DB on those? :)
  5. D

    A2 Restrictions

    The less-exciting side of bike modding. Has anyone got any direct experience of riding the MT-07 with the A2 limiter installed? Obviously not by choice, I'm gonna be stuck with the limiter if I do go with the 07, and there's a shortage of reviews that actually talk about what it's like to ride...