1. M

    Rust on swingarm underneath chain guide

    So only had my bike now for about 3 months, bought it as a shop demonstrator, a 2017 model with approx 350 miles on it. Got approx 2500 miles on it now so been doing well. Have been riding it all weathers to commute to work so it has seen plenty of rain action however i am meticulous with the...
  2. J

    Mivv Oval Titanium Fitting Question / Observation

    Hi, Fitted a MiVV Oval Titanium exhaust last night - not even had the chance to run it up to temperature yet! It all seems to be fitted neatly. My only concern / observation is that while the bike is on its side stand, the end can (towards its end but before the cap) lightly touches against...
  3. N

    Chain marked swingarm at 390 miles!

    Quick word of warning to those with new bikes especially. Checked my chain tension at 390 miles for first time this morning (I know, I should use it more, and clearly should have checked it more especially), despite correct running in procedure ie not revving the nuts off it or pulling wheelies...
  4. R

    license plate holder

    Hey, was wondering if anyone knew where to get a license plate holder that goes from swingarm and over (close into) the back wheel. Thanks