Can NewZealand members join in here?


cos we always seem to either be forgotten of people think were part of auzzie anyway :p

that said, i think im the only NZ member on here... sad really.


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Yes but only if you allow us to come on free (all expenses paid) vacations to your wonderful country. then take us out exploring on our bikes.

(It's quarter past two in England, damp, dreary and going to be dark soon).


Haha thanks team, when I say can kiwis join here, I kinda meant in the Australian section. As Australia is our closest neighbor and we don't have our own section.

Anyway, good to see I'm not the only NZ member here now, and yes if any of you are ever in NZ, give me a yell and I'll show you some sights... Local style!


Oops, yeah... I didn't see the Australia section on Tapatalk...

Dennis our administrator might well be able create you a New Zealand specific section if that helps!
Make that 3 Hahaha. New rider, I've had my 2015 Mt-07 for just about a year now. Absolutley love it. Based in Wellington.

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