Dashboard error Sd__12


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I started my bike today here in Norway just to check on the engine and get the bike going (it has been stored for winter and hadn't been used for 6 weeks, my plan was to remove the battery after the engine run).

I had the engine running for about 10 minutes with no major problem what so ever, only rather slow dipping RPM when releasing the throttle (thought it was maybe because of the weather -2 Celsius degrees.
Turned off the engine and turned the key back on on position and than suddenly I got this error on the dashboard: sd__12 error. I can not start the bike anymore.

It is listed as Crankshaft position sensor but I have goggled somewhere that I might also be that something is wrong with the starter relay.

Does anybody have a piece of advice or some helpful information?

Thank you in advance.


According to the tech manual err 12 stands for:
Cranckshaft position sensor: no normal signals are received from the cranckshar position sensor.

Top up the battery and try again. Another solution can be disconnecting the battery for some time, and connecting it again in order to reset electronics.


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I have the same problem. After starting up after 2 months on about 0 C degree winter day, after I switch off, won't start again and gies the same sd___12 error code :(

Taking battery off and back after half an hour did not help...
Hello good people, did you have any luck resolving the issue?

My 2015 MT-07 just decided to do the same thing.

I washed the bike, started it up and left it for 5 minutes. Came back and it was smoking a lot, the throttle was slow to drop down through the revs so I knocked it off. Went to start it up again and it's displayed SD_12 error code.

I've already ordered a new starter relay which should arrive in a weeks time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.