EJK jet-kit module


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Hey y´all, might be relevant for anybody.

I just installed the EJK DIY tuning module.
This is a big rec. apparently these bikes come lean from the factory for emissions.

i just wanted to get a healty´r fueling for my bike (I mounted a full ghibly mivv pipe and a K&N air filter and inside snorkel removed) as I had annoyingly back firing when opening her up and engine breaking.

The back fire issues I had where immediately solved after installing the jetkit and bike just feel so much more smooth (with ejk recommended factory setting).

Then I started tweaking the settings a bit to see if there was any more power to gain, I was skeptical, but after a few days trial and error, this thing blew my mind.

you can tune fueling settings on the fly and try immediately and OMG, I found some sweet spot that turns me on, and feels like a different bike. Much more torque, more responsive, more power, less screaming exhaust note, pulls power weelies in up to 4th gear. absolutely insane! If you dont want your bike to be so snappy and front wheel light, you just modify the switchpoint a bit by the push of a button on the box itself and continue your journey.

Stock the bike did 1Liter on 25/22KM
Now She does 1Liter on 20/18KM. Totally worth it for me. I expected way worse milage comparing the difference in performance.


insane improvement!


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are there more people with experience on the ejk jet-kit, we could share setting options or all kind of info exchange whatever comes up.