Hello from QLD, Australia


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Hey everyone,

Just picked up my MT-07 LAMS over the weekend and so far I'm very impressed with the bike, little disappointed with the brakes but I'm hoping they will get better as they bed in a bit more.
I'm looking to do the unrestricted modifications on the bike at some point in regards to the air filter/ air flow diameter. I'm assuming there would be a post on this site somewhere a link would be appreciated for my lazy ass not to go looking for it XD

See you guys around :)



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Derestriction story by me in the Australia section.
An update. Now we know it is the air inlet stacks on the outside of the throttle bodies and fixing it works, A better path than grinding them is getting the HO ones and swapping them. That way you can put it back to std if you sell it, especially to a genuine LAMS rider.
The best motor upgrade is the reflash though. By itself it doesn't give much more power but makes the bike MUCH smoother to ride. If you are doing the stacks do them BEFORE the reflash though.
Great choice of tyer by the way. My favourites.
I really like that colour scheme. I wouldn't have a black bike, but it does look dammed fine.


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Bazza you might want to get a radiator cover as one stone and you are out $500 for a new one. Oh and get rid of the side reflector.