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hi my name is john and my mt is a 2014 plenty of mods but probably not the sort that would interest most people in that they are there for comfort,lowered footrests,higher bars [much higher about 4.5 inches] this is for medical reasons but in no way does it detract from my enjoyment of the worlds greatest retro [well it makes me feel 17 again] ixil hyperflow various other stuff,has anyone out there tried a powerbronze screen? i was interested in the 380mm job,best wishes to everyone out there,john.


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Hi John, welcome to the site, b
This is like the sort of reply I hate. I haven't tried the powerbronze screen (so its not any help as to whether they are any good) but I have got a puig (365mm I think) and it is definately an improvement especially at motorway and above also got a madstad sreen very good for winter and long distance touring.I have also got adjustable footpegs because I have trouble bending my left leg and several other mods that make it look like a mini adventure bike but it still rides like an MT