Help removing 2018 tank plastics


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I watched a video for removing the plastics. Unfortunately it was on a 2015-2017 model.
The 2018 seems to be a little different. Has anyone pulled the plastics on theirs that can
help me.

I am at 14k miles and want to change my plugs.


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I haven't removed the colored panels, but I did remove the black air scoop portion from my left side a few weeks ago to install a USB charger cord. That was pretty straight forward. I'm going from memory here so hopefully not giving out bad information, but i think there are 3 screws to take out to remove it. One in the front, toward the bottom of the colored panel, up by the radiator. I think you'll need to turn the front wheel to the opposite side of the bike to get at it easily. Then there is the obvious silver one on the side of the tank towards the back of the scoop. And i seem to remember there was one under the seat too, but that may have been for the colored panel and I took it out before i realized i didn't need to. But the scary part was just pulling it straight out from the bike. It clips into the colored piece, and maybe part of the frame, but maybe not. But it sounds like your braking it when you pry it off. Scared the pee out of me. ha ha. But it just popped back on with a little pressure and is just as snug as it was originally. You have to be make sure the clasp/post are lined up correctly. Just go slow and if it seems overly tight when you pull on it look and make sure you've taken all the screws out. I started from the front of the bike and and sort of pivoted it upwards as i pulled. Sorry i'm not more help, but that's as far as i've disassembled that section.