Help with Rearsets and Handlebars for a new member


New member
Hello all, Brand new member here, I purchased a project 2020 MT 07 with some damage on it. First parts that need replacing are the rearsets and handlebars. I used to own a 2012 FZ 8 and it was stolen so this is my first bike since then. I loved the supermoto type feel of my old FZ8 and was looking something similar so I jumped on the MT without hesitation. I was looking into handlebars and was thinking of going more super moto then streetbike, I've scoured the site and it looks like everyone is suggesting Renthal Ultra Low bars, please correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that give the bike a more street feel? Does anyone have experience with Renthal high or medium bars? Am I looking at this all wrong? Since I need a rearset and handlebar combo I figured this would be ideal for setting up that supermoto feel, but I keep hearing about getting the bike top heavy with lower bars for a more streetbike feel. Since my bike came with handlebars bent I havnt had the chance to ride the damn thing to feel it out. Any suggestions for a rearset and handlebar combo? I appreacite all feedback as I'm itching to buy something asap and get riding lol.
Thank you all, Happy to be a member!!