How To... Fit Arrow Exhaust (shortie Style)


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Just adding some video to this thread of the pipe, with and without DB killer, to show the difference. Of course the video doesn't really do the sound justice but you should be able to pick up on the deeper tone without the DB Killer. Video was deliberately taken amongst ordinary traffic to give a better idea of what it sounds like in a "real world" situation.

Having lived with the system for some time my opinion is that without DB Killer is great for impressing your mates or scarring the shite out innocent bystanders but a bit oppressive after a while. With DB Killer is my preferred option as it's plenty loud enough but doesn't give you a headache.

One real advantage is the ease of removal and replacement. Takes just a few seconds.



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Hello Everyone, i just fitted my arrow shortie style but there is really bad smell like burning rubber or something is this normal? if it is what should i worry about?


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Too long spring


Really nice instruction. Did your exhaust get louder when shortened? I think mine did, almost too much sound.
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