New member help 2016 mt07 none runner


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Bought a light damaged mt07 but wont start .
3 keys
Cranks over .
New fuel and fuel pump primes
And has spark .
Neutral light shows on cluster but a line on cluster not a (N) has a (_) shows gears as u go down /up 123456.
Cranking rpm showing
If I put a bit of fuel in carbs its fires and dies ...
Noticed injectors arnt injecting fuel ...
Tested injectors tested continuity to ECU all good
Replaced lilt sensor near battery incase it was damaged . Still wont start ..
Assumed ECU was faulty bought a full kit key transponder ECU no joy
.anyone any further ideas why injectors arnt seeing power


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Hi Powernutty,
Not sure if you have fixed this? If not, and apologies for the obviousness of this, but why not call your local Yamaha dealer and have a brief chat to the service guys with your well detailed description below. I find my local dealer is pretty helpful on this stuff.