So I've bought an MT07


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Hi guys, so i haven't passed my test yet, I have my MOD1 tomorrow (Monday 9th April).

I saw an MT07 on eBay, not far from me and i loved it straight away, it was one of the cheapest I'd seen, 2014 model, included 2 year warranty, 12,000 miles, tail tidy, crash bungs, little bits of red accessories that just made the bike stand out. I walked away from the dealer after i'd told him i'll wait and see till Monday and see if i pass or not, as I'm more confident about my MOD2 than my MOD1. He had already told me that their were 2 other people interested in the bike that are coming to view it after me. Could be the oldest trick in the book, but 4 salesman said the same thing to me, as they knew i was very interested. After a 40 minute drive home I was deciding wether to put a deposit or not, I got home and thought sod it, so i phoned him up and put a deposit on it, they had tried to ring one of the other buyers a few times, but as he wasn't answering, I got their first.

Must admit i'm absolutely chuffed. He said he could keep it in their storage until i'm wanting the bike and i pass my test, but i may have him bring it over next weekend, just so i can practice a bit of clutch control, getting used to the weight of it etc in my garden lol. Sorry for the long post, I'm quite excited, it's been my dream bike for a long time, I can't believe i officially own one. I'll try add some pics but I'm not 100% sure how to do it. Cheers guys, hope i see you out their soon :)



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How'd ya get on with the MOD1? Brave man buying it beforehand. Regardless even if you have to redo it i'm sure you'll be enjoying it eventually. One question where are the bloody indicators on this bike as if they've been removed that's not going to make it easy for you on the road ?