Stuck axle/ tension cap


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So I changed my rear tire and had a buddy help and thought everything was lined up and good to go, after riding for a week my back brakes stopped working so upon inspection I found that the housing for the rear brakes wasn't on or in the groove it's supposed to ride on so when I went to take it all apart the axle end without the nut ( the tension end where it sits inside an aluminum housing and you can't get to) stripped the housing and im unable to grab it with any tools seeing as it's incased and im having a very hard time breaking the housing off to replace it with all new parts


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Had the exact same thing happen to me!

Took my bike to my local bike spot to do a quick chain tension and check up.
Same thing happened where that stupid Yamaha nut seized up and cracked that aluminium housing on the brake side.
They could not get the nut or bolt loose so ended up grinding and chiseling that housing enough that they could get a spanner onto it the other side and the get the bolt off!
Was an absolute nightmare and I really feel your pain with this issue.

Long story short, they replaced the housing for me as they said it may have been over tightened, but who knows. Lucky the axle bolt and threads where still good though!

What we did eventually did discover was that stupid Yamaha factory nut on the left side is only good for about 3 or 4 tensions, then it totally stripps itself rendering it useless and needing to be replaced.
After the second VERY EXPENSIVE Yamaha nut, I went to my local nut and bolt place, showed then the nut and they explained that it is designed in such a way that it will only last a few times and give in.
I replaced the nut with a high-tensile steel nut from them which cost me a few cents.. Yes, VERY cheap!
And that has been on there now for almost 1.5 years now! Many chain tensions and a new chain...

So yea, I would highly suggest you get a proper nut from a nut and bolt place... Just take the STUPID Yamaha nut with as a sample...

Works like a charm.

Good luck mate. Hope you get it sorted soon.