Throttle body synching


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Hello.New guy here.Wondering about synchronizing the throttle bodies on my FZ-07.I'm going to order the gauges to do it.Just wondering,it looks like I'll have to disconnect the MAP sensor to hook up the one gauge.Will the bike run with it disconnected?Will it run poorly preventing me from getting them properly adjusted?Do I have to "T" into the vaccuum line?I've been an auto mechanic for over thirty years but you don't have to synch throttle bodies on cars so this is new to me.:confused:


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There are a couple of vids on youtube doing it with a home made manometor seems you do have to tee off to keep the air pressure sensor connected


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Hi, you will need to have the MAP sensor connected or it will throw up an error code. UK version MT07 requires 2 additional pieces of pipe and 2 T connectors, not sure but i think the USA version FZ07 might only require 1, MAP sensor side.