Unable to log on with Mac/Ipad


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So just wondering if anyone else has this issue.

I first noticed it on my Ipad, and the problem is that the top right hand corner is missing, meaning the fields and logon button is gone.
On the left is the Register button.
So I simply cant log on.

At first I thought this may be a tablet issue, but today I used my Mac and it has the same issue.
I therefore believe this is an issue with this site in the Safari Browser.

On my Work laptop with Chrome there is no issue at all. ( or I would not be able to post this)

I'll post a screenshot later on.
Any of the forum admins able to take a look at this?
I really want to be able to use the forum on my Mac and iPad.


now it works on my Mac, not on the iPad.

Picture from my iPad
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Just had a quick look and it's the same for me as well (with my iPad), however I have always used tapatalk on my iPad for ease.

All I did was download tapatalk then used safari and it suggested to use tapatalk so I did and from then on that's what I have used.


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Just had another look, if you scroll down to the bottom of page there is a page select (mt-07 forum blue). Click on that and press default mobile style it will take you to the v-bulletin and at the top right there's a square with a cross on(lots of like little squares make the box and cross), click that then just log in and remember user name and password. Then once signed in go down to the bottom of page and click full site and that's should be it (hopefully) lol .
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