Will I learn on MT-07. Your thoughts on first bikes?

I created this account to ask you a few questions, I rode a scooter Tomos when i was 8yo all the way to 11, then at 16 i rode a 50ccm scooter for a season or two, Now I'm currently battled between 2008 Yamaha R6 or 2018 Yamaha MT 07 ABS. People were suggesting that I should start on smaller ccm bike to learn the basics. I've done motorcycle course and had a NK400 for a day with no troble with heavyer bikes. There were a few other choises like Honda CBR 500R, Yamaha R3, Ninja 400. All of them fell short for some reason, for R3 I'm 6 foot 2 and about 210lbs with normal clothes, Honda doesnt have aftermarket parts and revs to only 10k and reading the forums people were saying it was just so boring compared to all others, Ninja 400 could not be imported beacuse of EURO 5 standards.

MY WISH was supersport bike to learn how to ride that type of bikes, my question was.

1. Are naked and SS somewhat similar to riding style, and will there be big transition between the two.

2. Will I learn on MT 07 like I would on some smaller bikes like people are suggesting.

3. If you could choose what would you have chosen.

4. Is R6 really that bad for a novice rider

5. R6 is cheaper than MT for about 500 or 1k.

6. I want to tour and will probably be doing some highway riding is MT suited for that.

7. I want to learn cornering, taking racing lines, some track days, my goal is to become the best rider I could be.

Sorry for my English, it's my third language.


I really don't think I'd want to tour on an R6, and I'm a couple of inches shorter than you (my thumbnail picture is a Thundercat, which is less extreme than the R6, and I have toured on that in the past). Also it's easier to fix luggage onto the MT.

You can have fun and learn on a track on almost any bike. OK, you may get overtaken on the straights on an MT-07, but you can be just as quick in the corners.

Another point to check is the cost of insurance between the two bikes - the R6 may be expensive.
@bobh In my country the insurance cost comes with cc's for MT would actually cost more, I know, dumb af. Biggest reason I was against the MT was the suspensions, the roads here went to s**t, potholes and prominences everywhere. Would the R6's suspensions be better and safer for these types of roads. Thank You for the input.