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Hey, the post is rather old, but I really like to simplicity of your approach and would like to follow.
Can you remember what PUIG windscreen do you use? Looks like the dash with the cable is hard to fit under my puig 7015N (WINDSHIELD NAKED NEW GENERATION SPORT FOR YAMAHA MT-07 2014)
Yamaha MT-07 Tracer GT (2018) -
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Hi there. I noticed your post on the Sc project for the MT 07 and thought that I'd get in touch. I'm considering buying one for my bike as the sound on the stock exhaust is so crap. What's the sound like on your exhaust, I don't want anything too loud on mine just better than the stock? If you were ever around for me to take a look / listen that would be amazing. I live in Dalston but can easily get over to Box Hill. Cheers. Tom