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    ECU Tuning Advice.

    Phil Seton did exactly the same to mine some years ago. The torque increase was stunning. Fantastic improvement in progressive smoothness and overtaking grunt. Highly recommended.
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    MT-07 chainguard 1WS-F2311-00-00

    I have put a very nice used chainguard on Ebay. It is a genuine Yamaha accessory, part no 1WS-F2311-00-00. As you know, Yam charge £94 for this item. I am looking for around £30, which also includes UK postage.
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    Time for a change

    My bike is now sold. It was a hard call to part with the MT-07 but my needs have changed somewhat. Hopefully I have made the right decision. Kind regards to all on the forum
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    Selling high spec MT-07

    Bike is now sold, subject to hand-over and final balance being paid.
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    Time for a change

    I, too, have decided to move on. So my very special MT-07 will be on Ebay very soon. Check out my new posting on "Selling your bike" on this site
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    Selling high spec MT-07

    I have decided to change. I now need something with a lighter clutch and slightly more comfort. So my stunning MT-07 is for sale. My icon shows the bike and there have been lots of posts by the previous owner (GAZ2212) including lots of photos. The bike is fundamentally the same, with a few...
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    Time for a change

    Great minds . . . . . How interesting! Like Ralph, I have some arthritis but sometimes find cramp and left arm pump painful on long runs, even though the MT-07 has not got a particularly heavy clutch. The slipper/assist clutch used by Kawasaki on their Z900 is lovely and light. Unfortunately...
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    Something is slipping as I pull away from a cold start.

    I think the solution had been found by sdrio in his post of 2 May 2016. He dismantled the clutch, cleaned and soaked all the plates, and reassembled. That eradicated the fault for over a year. Now he has had to do it again. I suspect that this procedure is worthwhile for us all, although sdrio's...
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    MOT time

    Hi Ralph. Mine passed too, in April at around 11k. Interestingly (and sadly) I too suffer from arthritis - mainly the left hand. It flared up after a RoSPA four day 1000 miles blast in Wales. I was also getting horrible cramps occasionally in my left hand. The joys of getting older! To ease the...
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    Indeed so. I have had similar pleasant experiences with my MT-07, when it has not been run for over a month. It fired up immediately and sounded great. Mine also has a Meta alarm running in the background, which drains the battery slightly, even when it has ramped down into hibernation, but not...
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    New Server

    Site is operating much faster for me in UK. Loads at lightning speed, log-in is faster, everything is faster! Well done.
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    How much difference have you noticed regarding wind-buffeting and weather protection? Ho much does the screen and fairing help, compared to the naked MT-07?
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    ECU flash or remap London area

    I can vouch for Seton Racing. Some tuners simply upload a generic map. This will often bring some improvements but no two engines are identical and it is better to have a good tuner carefully tweak the new map to match your engine. This compensates for injector variances, ignition timing, intake...
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    Standard Comfy or Bespoke Seat Modification MT-07 2015

    I have a 'Comfort Seat' as well as a standard seat for my MT-07. The (laughingly called) Comfy seat is in fact more firm than the standard seat. The padding is definitely harder and no thicker. The covering material is grippier. Just how all this relates to comfort I am unsure. Cleverer people...
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    Happy Christmas Everyone

    Happy Christmas guys and gals. I managed a couple of hours fun run last week - not many wet leaves about. Treat yourselves to RoSPA or IAM training next year, as a belated Crimble prezzy.