Changing to Yamaha


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In my younger days when money was tight my bike was my best friend and was held together with whatever i could find, old beer cans to stop leaks in the exaust good old rad weld and shopping bags over the seat. As time went by the bikes became more reliable(?) but the prices went up to meet the demand of technology. i passed my test using direct access, riding a 500cc Kawasaki back in 1999. this was one of the best days ever, riding back with the instructor with a huge grin on ya face with no L plates.
since that milestone day i was still going through the miles riding bikes that i could afford, i saved for my first decent bike in 2000 a 900 diversion, now i thought im the nuts!. i put 75000 miles on that bike and from then on i was hooked on Yamaha. in 2018 i bought my first nearlly new bike THE MT07 in purple, Wow what a bike it is just fantastic.

It had a few extras on it from std, SC Project exhaust mini screen and wider bars upgraded lights and a couple of cosmetic add ons. As soon as the summer came i was on it every day, it rides as sweet as a nut and i must admit even though some might say its too loud, its sounds fantastic. its so light and is effortless to ride cornering is a joy at any speed breaking is perfect with the ABS. next year 2020 i am planning to take it on some long trips so i can enjoy it more than just riding it to work.
i would be interested if the Forum do ride outs in my area. thanks for reading