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Hi, The resonable advice would be appreciated, please. Has anybody have done DIY ECU tuning, what software and interface (harness) can be used ? I have got an intention to reduce radiator fan temperature and disable injector decel cut for my MT-07. Thanks.


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I would not recommend DIY flashing of your ECU - this fraught with danger and also expensive for a one-off job. I sent mine off to a company called Wiz Performance ( who re-mapped it and had it back to me within 3 days. This sorted out the harsh throttle at low speeds and also gave a noticeable boost in pulling power between 2 and 4,000 rpm. It also sorts out loads of other issues like lowering the temp. where the fan kicks in. I think it cost me £130, and was money well spent.


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Hi, The reasonable advice would be appreciated, please. Has anybody have done DIY ECU tuning, what software and interface (harness) can be used ? I have got an intention to reduce radiator fan temperature and disable injector decel cut for my MT-07. Thanks.

hi Jerome
I did this in 2018 with FTecu
firstly if you use FTecu only download and write your ECU with the exact matching ecu part number ie (1WS-8591A-10 this may not be your number) that is LISTED, and before you rewrite the ecu read (copy) and save to file that way you can rewrite anytime back to standard should you make an error and you can start again.
secondly there are several how to do on YouTube just google FTecu
I was led astray and went with the closest number and things did not go all that well, I then purchased the Active Tune and has now corrected the rattly engine and tune, FTecu read my latest ecu read and confirmed all is good
To get the lower the engine temps to register which you can manually adjust set at 85-90c or 185-194f smaller adjustment do not register or at least when I did mine.
Although expensive I fitted their Quickshifter :)
So a summary of mods Bike is 2016 689cc
FTecu bikeside kit
FTecu Active Tune
FTecu Quickshifter
Andreani fork cartridge conversion, with Hoey suspension, compression valve mod
Nitron R2 rear shock
Shorty folding brake and clutch levers, short screen
home made adapter plates to move footrest back 50mm and up 25mm passenger brackets removed
Bike had 2500Kms on when I bought it and came with Akra Titanium exhaust, yamaha comfort ? seat since modified
Have done 3 track days early last year and have 1 planned in a couple of weeks:)
oh and the rider (me) just turned 77:cool: and also have a Vstar 1300 also lots of mods for two up riding.
all the best to everyone
Alan, South Australia




I used Seton Tuning, Ballast Quay works, Colchester CO5 7DB, 01206 866400, they build and race Yamaha's and have a long history with them.

Seton Tuning has a dyno and have developed a MT-07 map, it was £260 for dyno remap (Phil Seton even let me get stuck in and help) which consists of stripping covers to get to the ECU, before run on the Dyno, ECU map, post map dyno run and then several adjustments to the map and dyno re-runs.

I remapped after upgrading my DNA air filter from stage 2 to stage 1, the remap has transformed the bike, 5% more power (which is pretty much the most the stock engine will develop) but bags more torque and the option to, reduce engine breaking effect as well as the decel cut-out.

if you can afford it then I would suggest stretching to get a map and a dyno setup to make the most of your hard earned money.


Phil Seton did exactly the same to mine some years ago. The torque increase was stunning. Fantastic improvement in progressive smoothness and overtaking grunt. Highly recommended.


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Jerome, go to youtube and type in 'Jake the Garden Snake'. He's got tons of 'bolt shit on series' that explain many mods and bolt ons. One of them is the FT mapping kit. You add it to your ECM and then plug you laptop into it. You can then change the temp your fan kicks on, adjust your engine braking (or cut it entirely), etc. And the nice thing is you can remap your ride anytime you make a change or add something new, like a DNA air filter (or K&N), exhaust system, etc. The FT kit costs ~$350, a bit expensive, but it provides you the ability to make any adjustments you want at any time you want. Easy to use and Jake's video tutorial is spot on. Hope this helps. Oh, and you can share it with friends that have an fz07, but you'd have to install the harness on their bike.


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Hey all, I see this was 2020, but might be relevant for anybody.

I just installed the EJK DIY tuning module.
This is a big rec. apparently these bikes come lean from the factory for emissions. i just wanted to get a healty´r fueling for my bike (I mounted a full ghibly mivv pipe and a K&N air filter and inside snorkel removed) as I had annoyingly back firing when opening her up and engine breaking.

The back fire issues I had where immediately solved after installing the jetkit (ejk recommended factory setting).

Then I started tweaking the settings a bit to see if there was any more power to gain, I was skeptical, but after a few days trial and error, this thing blew my mind. you can tune fueling settings on the fly and try immediately and OMG, I found some sweet spot that turns me on, and feels like a different bike. Much more torque, more responsive, more power, less screaming exhaust note, pulls power weelies in up to 4th gear. absolutely insane! If you dont want your bike to be so snappy and front wheel light, you just modify the switchpoint a bit by the push of a button on the box itself and continue your journey.

Stock the bike did 1Liter on 25/22KM
Now She does 1Liter on 20/18KM. Totally worth it for me. I expected way worse milage comparing the difference in performance.

insane improvement!
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