ECU Tuning Advice.


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Hi, The resonable advice would be appreciated, please. Has anybody have done DIY ECU tuning, what software and interface (harness) can be used ? I have got an intention to reduce radiator fan temperature and disable injector decel cut for my MT-07. Thanks.


Kenny G

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I would not recommend DIY flashing of your ECU - this fraught with danger and also expensive for a one-off job. I sent mine off to a company called Wiz Performance ( who re-mapped it and had it back to me within 3 days. This sorted out the harsh throttle at low speeds and also gave a noticeable boost in pulling power between 2 and 4,000 rpm. It also sorts out loads of other issues like lowering the temp. where the fan kicks in. I think it cost me £130, and was money well spent.