Security related question


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Hi there,

Was wondering which security solutions you guys have for your MT-07.
As for me - two must-have items are: disk lock + chain lock.

I'm about to switch from maxi-scooter (with plenty of storage compartments) to naked bike (with almost none).
The question is - how to carry/mount chain lock on the bike?

I saw a few integration solutions for disk lock:

U-lock although is not looking good:

Any thoughts or suggestions will be welcome. :confused:


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Tail pack and almax (10kg)(or similar) is the only option if you are leaving it in an unsafe place for any length of time, and thats only good if you can find something secure to lock it to.
This bike is so light if some scrote realy wants it it will be in the back of a van and gone before you know it (giving them all the time in the world to grind/chop through whatever lock you put on
The other option is to only get off it to pay for fuel then its on cctv ;)


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Make sure if you're in the UK you get it datatagged. It supposed to be done as part of the price, but it seems a lot of the time the dealers don't bother.

It's another thing that won't stop someone chucking it in the back of a transit, but it makes them harder to sell, and that might mean they leave yours alone. As it's free, you might as well.


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Thanx for your reply guys!
Haven't heard about almax though... It looks like some serious chain :) Are they better than ABUS or Kryptonite?
Which tail pack you're using (if any)?
Just saw Kreiga US-10. Nice option.


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So, I use this:


The disc lock fits under the pillion seat. As for the chain, it's a really fat ass one. I don't have a tail bag or tank bag, but I ride with a backpack. I take the chain with me, when I know I will be leaving the bike for a longer time period in a "higher risk" place.

The disc lock is very sensitive and loud when it comes of. The other day, a cat jumped on the seat of my MT and got a bit surprised :p

Kriega is IMHO the best thing out there, since it can be modded as you wish. I Would like a 20L tank bag and 20+10+10L tail bag. It would be perfect.