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I wanna do a thread on places to go, when you need to BUY STUFF, to look up websites for specific things or nice prices.

Since a lot of threads are spinning "out of control" and ends up being 50+ pages long - and almost no one (except ME LOL) read all the pages apparently, people respond to questions already answered, and repeats info already given at the beginning at the thread. This just makes the thread too long to keep track of - and worst of all people coming into the forum in the future will find a name of a thread to be what they are looking for - and then they meet "How to fix xxxxx problem" and then it has 50 pages or more ... Zzzzzz. So lets keep this TIDY.

Wishes for the thread - Say a member says: "I wanna buy parts to replace the original part on my STOCK bike, What is a nice place to order from?"
or "I wanna make my bike more MY OWN - where can i find cosmetic parts for my MT07 that suits it specifically?"

How easy would it be to refer to ONE thread - and we could make it a STICKY and people would always have a LIST of webpages in different countries to choose from and almost be 100% positive that they got the best price we know of.
I myself live in Denmark and dealers are closing or going bankrupt every third month cause they cant compete with onlinesales, but those onlinesales are 90% abroad. But could we find the places in each our country that has a RETAIL STORE, that would be an awesome bonus - we could support them, and deffo make it easier for our selfes to buy parts and get them right HERE AND NOW visiting a store. But until then...

Start a possible REPLY with:

Link: (Webpage/product link)
Regarding: (Here you write what category your websites deals with)
Retail store: Yes/No (can you go to a store and pick it up yourself?)
Own experience: (obvious, have you done a purchase here yourself? and where you satisfied?)
Short Description: (bla bla bla, is AWESOME)

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I'm not sure if they deliver overseas but this is the deal for the Akrapovic exhaust system

Carbon HK$8,390 (Euro 807)
Titan HK$6,850 (Euro 658)

They 5% discount from above retail price if you pre-order. free installation.
Ah Lam Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
G/F., 150 Pau Chung Street,
Tel : +852-2385-0181
Fax: +852-2782-7616
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Link (US):
Link (DK): Plasti Dip Gummi Coating
Regarding: Easy spray "paintjobs" - a layer that peals of when you change your mind
Retail: No
Own experience: Not tryed yet - but will as soon as bike arrives
Short Description: Wanna change your rims color or other parts of the bike (mostly suitable for rims though) - spray this on in a couple of layers and have a color on more or less permanently. Easy to remove if you change your mind.


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Regarding: Pretty much anything mainstream motorcycle related.
Retail store: Yes
Own experience: Spent around €1300 in the Hamborg store in April this year. Their selection of helmets is very impressive (+500 on display at the Hamborg store). They answer emails within an hour, not kidding. Sent an email a Saturday around noon and got a reply sooner than 60 minutes. Ordered some other stuff online, and it got delivered fine.
Short Description: Louis is not a store for special items, as they mostly have mainstream products. Exception is their helmets, where they have a lot of premium products.
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I need to look at some options to spice up the bike - comfort, wise, luggage with some clickon function, looks and protection.

But i would like to know if people had come across webshops in europe mainly that... sell modifications such as thos ermax covers for the sides - i know of silverstone motors, a french website .. but that is the same product they have had on the website before summer.. :D so a little update on what we can get for our bike :D ...


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I did order some things at bs-motorparts.
Not very much stuff on there butt they work fast and a nice site in multiple languages.


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Ordered a ermax rear hugger a couple of months ago, got delivered a day later. Last week ordered levers (after a crash) got it 2 days later. And prices are good.

I know other sites ! [emoji24] ordered in Juli still not everything delivered


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Avoid Polo at all costs, I ordered a qbag and raincover, they've despatched the rain cover but not the bag! When I emailed to ask what about the bag(that didn't even get mentioned in delivery note), they replied saying will prob be Feb 2015, IF I STILL WANT IT(but wont get refund for postage or cover of course!)!!!! And no apology even. First & last order i'll ever make to them!


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click english at top right corner. search for mt07 bike. i bought the hand guards plus embedded indicator from here. see my other post

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CarpiMoto, Italy CarpiMoto
Excellent selection, prices and free delivery: Akrapovic, Mivv, Brembo, K&N, HiFlo, DID, AFAM, LiFePO4 batteries, Rizoma, LighTech, Valter Moto

AMR, Italy. Amr Ricambi - Negozio vendita on line ricambi accessori auto moto scooter - Macerata
Excellent selection, prices and delivery: GIVI and Kappa luggage and racks.

MecaData, France. Mecadata Vous propose les meilleurs marques de suspensions moto, amortisseurs, ressort de fourche, amortisseur de direction. - Mecadata
Excellent selection and prices: Ohlins shocks and springs. Not yet MT07 stuff in store.

OmniaRacing, Italy.
Excellent selection and prices: Ohlins, Wilbers, Andreani, Mivv, Termignoni, Zard, Arrow etc.

Ohlins France, Moto
Ohlins suspension that you cant find on all markets
Dirt cheap CNC levers

MotoCard, Spain.
Excellent selection, prices and free delivery: Dainese, AlpineStars, Arai, Shoei and all other quality brands.

Famola, Germany.

BS MotoParts, Germany.
Puig screens etc.

Tires, all brands.

Just to name a few places where I like to shop :)
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