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Ok! so I used to frequent another enthusiast forum and we played this game and it is quite fun. I haven't come across a similar topic, so I decided to Create one. It's pretty straight forward! We can start a points system If there's any interest. But for the time being, It's just a fun way to see everybodies bikes in different scenarios.

How to play:

Pick a person, place, or thing to take a picture with that has a MT-07 in it. The first person who responds with a picture that satisfies the request gets to pick the next request.

Note: Please try to make the requests do-able so that the game can continue.(don't request a picture of an MT on a oil rig for example)

1) No photoshopping you bike into a picture. (You can adjust the colours etc, but no cheating!)

2) Only post pictures of YOUR MT.

3) If you are the poster who meets the picture challenge, please put your next request in a CAPS so it's easy to find.

4) IF the challenge isn't met within 1-2 days the person who put the challenge up then has 24 hours to complete the challenge themselves.

5)No challenge is to be made that involves any of the following:

* illegal activities (this includes, but is not limited to: guns, drugs, street racing, thievery, and sexual activities involving minors).

* Destruction of one's own property or any piece of public property

Once a challenge has been satisfied, the user who met the challenge should post the picture in the MT-07 Picture Game Thread

Again, as a forum of enthusiasts, this list of rules is growing and becoming more clear as time goes on. Please let me know if there are additional changes that the community feels would be beneficial to keeping this game going.

So I will start off with the first request.


Good thread idea! Sadly I saw this after I'd put my bike away after a ride out and drove to my parents to house sit (in my car).
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From the ground up and in a driveway -


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Well... As no one else has posted...

Might be pushing the point a bit though this pic could also have fitted in the landscape or biker meet sections.

Picture taken on Poole Quayside the other side of the water to the Tuesday bikes on the quay thing and with Poole customs house just visible behind the tail light. The customs house rather tenuous claim to fame being... About 250 years ago it became the site of the most famous incident in British smuggling history, when a cut-throat gang of 30 smugglers smashed their way into the building and stole two tons of contraband tea.

Still... It's a nice pic.

Next... With a lady... (preferably a complete stranger you have cajoled into having their photo taken with your bike) but lady owners also accepted.

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Ok, have to step in here and help out since you guys obviously are having a hard time getting close to ladies. Lady owner at track day.
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Next up is at a lighthouse.

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That's got to be cheating Anders, that's your wife !!!!!!!
But lighthouse it is then
The challenge said "...but lady owners also accepted".
Not ideal, but better than nothing right?
I have of course lots of pictures of complete strangers (ladies that is) posing by and lusting over My TDM, but the challenge was with the MT07.
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Ok Anders I concede that one

Checked out nearest lighthouse 170 mile round trip, if it's not done by Sunday I'll be on my travels


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Ding dong! and she's on a red one! sorry anders but your wife looks lovely too. Lighthouse easy....but won't be on mt in the day to catch it doh!

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Well done, proper lighthouse in matching colour and 77.8 horses