Bike would not let hit the rev limit (cuts at 9k rpm)


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Does anyone know why the bike would not let hit the rev limit? Neither in neutral nor in gear, going in gear it dies off at about 9 k rpm and feels like the throttle just cuts off, as it cuts off it slows a bit by itself and as the RPMs drops down just a bit to let's say 8 - 8.5 it connects the throttle again (never let go the throttle, full lock), you get the power kick for just a sec and as it goes back to 9 k RPMs the same thing happens. What is this? In Neutral, it also comes up to the same spot (around 9 k rpm) until it acts like it hit the limiter, but even from the sound and definitely from the feel you can say it is not the limiter, it is something different.

Overall it feels like it is stuck in there and does not allow you to fully feel the bike, those cuts in gear are frustrating...

This bike has been derestricted from the LAMS version by the Yahama dealership. Could it be that they missed something?

Thanks in advance for the answers.


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Hello Alex, If I assume this wasn't happening at the 9k limit before the dealership work, they probably did put a specific ECU flash on your bike. Or other type of power/fuel ECU mapping changes. There are Factory maps which have certain limits, Limitation settings, then other unrestricted maps, and can even be programed different ways.
The Rev limiter is controlled inside the ECU, The factory setting for FZ/MT 07 Rev limiter (US models) is at 10450 rpm, Other country models may differ. This setting can only be changed with flashing the ECU. There is a High and Low Soft limit, and a High and Low Hard limit.
Second Possibility would be changing other fuel mapping, TPS, MAP vs RPM, where the power just drops off at specific RPM and/or Throttle Position. This actually sound more your issue, if you are not even hitting your Rev limiter. The High pitch choppy sound it makes.
They probably had a generic flash they use, and I would hate to think they could have done it purposely to have you come back to make more changes, for more money...
Take your bike to a specialty shop that can do ECU Flashing, or some companies have you ship your ECU in and they do the flashing, and mail it back to you. Or if you have the money you can buy your own Flashing Kit and do it yourself,,

Hope that helps.