Post a picture of your MT-07


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Bike out today for a start up and fiddle about lol (just missed it and wanted to see it haha) installed a couple of bits an pieces. I'm really missing this thing, Roll on Spring time

That's looking gorgeous Craig! What screen do you have on that? A front on picture would be great :p


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Sweet mods man!
I acutally just removed the parts above the feet on each side for powdercoating. Have you also send them away for powdercoating? I have the matt grey mt07 so Ill try and get them in matt black.
Do you know if they were able to just powdercoat the pieces right away or did they need to prepare them somehow?
Man u gotta love the winter because that's when we all get time to modify our toys:D


Yeah i had them powder coated satin black, sure he told me he shot blasted them before hand.

At the start of winter yeah, but im just itching to get back on now.


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Went for my first ride of the year yesterday, a tiny bit damp when deeper into Derbyshire but all in all a nice ride and amazing to be back on it :)



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Awaiting your opinion/review of that seat please ??
I can give you first impressions after one ride around London lasting a couple hours.

The seat is heavier than the standard seat and the yamaha comfort seat and thicker than them too, It feels much higher quality. My gf is away at the moment so cant test the pillion seat for a while but again more foam and with the raised extension on the front I'm pretty sure it's going to be a lot more comfortable than the tiny standard seat.

I had the standard seat on for a couple of days until this got delivered and I noticed the difference immediately, It's so much more comfortable where as the Yamaha comfort seat is an improvement on the standard seat but you only really feel the difference on a long ride.

The pillion seat is a little tricky to get on compared to the standard pillion seat but that will probably change after I get used to it. I think it looks really good and I'm glad I got it.