1. T

    Dedicated Track Bike Build Series

    I've been wanting to get back into riding the track for some time now and finally picked up a wrecked FZ-07 to turn into a dedicated track bike. I decided to go ahead and document the build... Here's what I've done thus far...
  2. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU, Akra Titanium Exhaust Dillema

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  3. O

    Suh doo! From the Valley of the Sun

    Hello. My names Os, it's been 4 months now since I bought my FZ-07 and yes it is my first motorcycle. I've mainly just been googling and watching tons of youtube videos for over a year before I made the plunge to invest in my bike. I haven't regretted choosing the FZ-07 as my first...
  4. johnnakay

    fz-07 accessories

    not bad prices either........... sunnymew | eBay
  5. Scim77

    Ebay - chainguard for sale

    There is a genuine Yamaha Accessory upgrade chain-guard on Ebay Check this link:- MT-07 Chain-guard | eBay
  6. W

    Waiting to pull the trigger on the FZ-07.

    I'm waiting here in Canada to pull the trigger on a FZ-07 because winter will be here soon, and I can't sell my 2007 Kawasaki 650R now. Dealers offer me peanuts for my 650R in a trade; I find it very insulting because I put a lot of love into my bike, keeping it mint.:( Some offer $1,400 less...
  7. H

    Wheelies with Friends

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YOZKeK8Z_w Please like, share and subscribe my fellow hooligoons!!!!
  8. G

    Long Term Review of the MT-07 / FZ-07

    This my Long Term Review of the MT-07 / FZ-07. If you can think of anything else to add to my review, please post a comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EieNCkzP08
  9. W

    2016 Yamaha FZ-07 arrival?

    Does anyone have an idea when the 2016 FZ-07 will arrive on the showroom floor or when I might be able to see photos of it on the 'net? I can't buy a 2015 model because I need a good fairing for highway riding. Hope- fully the 2016 will have a fairing?
  10. G

    I can't stand the FZ-07

    I can't stand the FZ-07's ...... name. Well, I like it, but why did Yamaha USA changed the MT-07 to FZ-07. Everywhere I look on the internet, for windshield, exhaust, brake levers etc. I have to enter "MT-07" and "FZ-07", and I often get different results. It is anti-productive. All...
  11. C

    electrical capacities

    I'm looking to add heated gloves & a heated jacket liner to battery & was wondering if the 2015 FZ-07 electrical system can handle this ? Later , pants liner & socks?
  12. D

    Possible to add ABS?

    How plausible is it to consider adding ABS to a US FZ-07? What parts/components/wiring etc would be required? Donimo
  13. J

    Rizoma Lux Hand Grips/Rizoma Bar End

    Has anyone installed these on the FZ-07 and if so, any input on how hard the throttle side is to replace?